Passionate and Very Effective

Terrence Stephens is passionate and very effective in helping those who are stuck in their understanding of themselves and of life. Having seen through the illusion of duality, he is now available to point it out in very simple and direct way. He recognised the true nature of everything after many painful years of seeking, which made him particularly sensitive to human suffering and strengthen his commitment to be of service. He is a great guide one on one and a very good speaker in group meetings. I recommend him to everyone who is open and ready to grasp the simplicity of the natural state.

Sailor Bob Adamson

Extraordinarily Effective

Terrence is very clear, very passionate, very committed, and most of all – extraordinarily effective in his unique, practical style of pointing.
He is driven, compassionate and intuitive. I cannot recommend him more highly! If his style resonates with you, it may be your way out of psychological suffering! His heart is there 100%, all he cares about is service to others.

Katarzyna Monika

Spoke and Knew Truth

I first met Terrence a year and half ago at Bob Adamson’s meetings and I could tell just from looking at him that he meant business. There was a certain look in his eye which I recognized and was drawn to immediately. He spoke and knew Truth. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Terrence. His very loving, direct and clear support has anchored me through what I would, without question, name as the most important time of my life. As Life begins to open and reveal itself to me as me, Terrence has been there, speaking his truth to spark my own. I have never been happier or freer, and I owe a lot of that to Terrence’s friendship and mentoring, which has guided me through some very rough times of this incredible transition. I thank him with all my heart.

Tasos Manolopoulos

Immediately Resonated with Terrence

Somewhere, in a nameless place within myself, I have known that all is well, just as it is.
I have had a strong intuition that nothing is right or wrong. It just is, perfectly being and something is minding me.
But like many who have gone before, I have spent most of my life chasing the feeling of happiness in transient, outer circumstances. I have followed a deep longing for peace but in the wrong direction.
At some point I saw with powerful regret that how I thought and where I put my energy was foolish and unproductive, so I started to look beneath the surface of what I called “my life”.
Right now, I don’t want to waste any more time acting on false assumptions. I don’t want to waste another day clinging, hoping, fearing, managing etc. I am drawn to recognise myself as peace and I will let nothing stand in the way!
I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to have Terrence’s guidance. He has helped me clear away a lot of stuff that was causing confusion and now I am able to look with a far sharper focus at what is really here. I know without doubt that I am being guided home. Watching the videos of Sailor Bobs meetings, I immediately resonated with Terrence. He has a direct and succinct way of pointing to what is really here and unravelling the misconception of who I think I am.
When words are not enough to convey that, Terrences expressive hand gestures pull me beyond the intellect into a more silent and powerful understanding.
He is a teacher who can intuit exactly where I am misleading myself. Being able to sweep all the rubbish aside, identify the stumbling block and point the way to clarity, without confounding me with non-duality jargon or nonsense practices.
If we are calling this a spiritual journey, it feels like I have trekked all over the globe for far too long and now I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to have Terrence’s guidance. He has helped me clear away a lot of stuff that was causing confusion and now I am able to look with a far sharper focus at what is really here. I know without doubt that I am being guided home. Such a tremendous gratitude and appreciation for your attention Terrence!

Your love and passion for truth above anything else will benefit us all.

Thank you, Terrence, Blessings

Lynn Woudberg

Non-Duality Aussie Style

Non-Duality Aussie style spoken with ‘punch’ and without frills. ‘To the point’ directness and clarity without ‘beating around the bush’, yet delivered with such vitality, enthusiasm, tenderness and encouragement. Terrifyingly simple, thank you Terrence!

Jannine Stoodley

Known Terrence for 3 Decades

I have known Terrence for 3 decades ~ we met each other at Sailor Bobs ~ both seeking truth and awakening. Our paths have crossed throughout our lives and I have witnessed Terrence’s unwavering commitment to discovering the truth, as well as his deep passion and naturalness at helping and supporting others to do the same. Over the past couple of years, I have had the joy and blessing to witness Terrence blossom as both presence and teacher. He possesses the uncanny ability to meet others exactly where they are and walk with them toward empty fullness of their own being. His patience, clarity and honesty provide a wonderful mirror for the self to Re-Cognise the one essence that we all are. I highly recommend Terrence as a teacher, guide and comrade on the path of awakening

Lindsay Stirling

Unique Ability to Resonate

Whilst l have only known Terrence for a few months, he has pointed me to look in the opposite direction as part of my search. To my amazement, after decades of spiritual practices, looking back and deep into myself brought about the understanding there is no me or l. For all along l had believed the awareness, which we all have, was ME.
Terrence has a unique ability to resonate with those who are open to find the ultimate answer. Having the skill and experience to identify where you are looking and where necessary repoint to what you may be eluding to. His love and care to guide others is very much admired.

Thank you, Terrence, for helping me see what was there all along,

Bill Lockland

Terrence is the Real Deal

Terrence is the real deal when it comes to helping people find their wholeness and realization that they’re non-conceptual awareness, and not the ego or believed in identity. His pointing’s are very practical and relevant to where the particular person is at in their journey, to guide then further along to look a more closely. ‘He lives’ the teachings and experience, and doesn’t just recite or preach them.

I highly recommend Terrence who’s been pivotal in my journey

Adrian Miller

Totally Into the Non-dual Teaching

I have known Terrence since I met him at Sailor Bobs in the 1980s. He is and has always been totally into the non-dual teaching Sailor Bob has passed on, He has a very clear and poignant way of passing the understanding on to others. He has a generous heart and a precise way of pointing out traps the mind throws up when one is stuck in duality. He is kind, consistent, and a giving and loving man with a great sense of humour. I am truly blessed to call him my cherished friend and to still have him in my life

Yours in Truth

Jane Little

Caring and Dedicated Person

Terrence is a very passionate, caring and dedicated person. He always makes himself available and tries his best to help all those around him to understand who we truly are. He has been a great mentor and a friend to me, he always speaks from his heart. Thanks Terrence for being there.

Mary Ramondetta

Enthusiastic Way of Pointing to our True Nature

Terrence has a patient, clear and enthusiastic way of pointing to our true nature. After decades of being exposed to the truth he has relinquished the belief in doer-ship. I am confident his clear pointing will assist anyone seeking to eliminate psychological suffering and see through conceptual beliefs to our true nature.

Megan Simonsen

‘Pointer’ to our Real Nature

I first met Terrence Stephens through Sailor Bob Adamson. Bob is 91 years of age and was awakened by the great sage Nisargadatta Maharaj 44 years ago and has been Awakening people from all around the world to this day. Terrence is one of those awakened beings and is the most precise ‘Pointer’ to our real nature I have ever met.

Richard King

Fiercely Loving and Incredibly Sage

Terrence Stephens is one of the most fiercely loving and incredibly sage men it has ever been my pleasure to meet.  His sensitivity, gentleness, sense of humor and compassion are evident from the moment you meet him.  Spend some time with Terry and that imaginary ego you think you’re battling won’t stand a chance!  I’m incredibly grateful for having met him.  You will be too.

Julia Rotunno